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The famous program of competitions (of the million) in the original version of the program …
Golden version of the Encyclopedia features many remind them:

1. Add more than 19 thousand questions to transform the program from a game into a real encyclopedia
2 – Adopting the system of gradual questions in difficulty to become the golden version of the famous television program of the same name (who will win the million)
3. Adding the new aid (the possibility of changing the question after question 5)
4 – Adding another aid and new (after reaching the seventh question) is to ask for help of one of your friends via social media (Watts Facebook, etc.)

5 – Improve the form and method of answer and display the correct and wrong answers in accordance with the TV program
6 – Entering a very large number of sound effects and the sound of the voice of the program provider George Qardahi
7 – the possibility of normal play (listening to sounds) or play fast (without sound effects) by pressing the button of the microphone in the top left of the game
8- Easy and fast download on all mobile phones and all screen sizes

The most important addition that makes this version worthy of its golden name is (Encyclopedia of the Million), which is a program within the game (from the million million), through which you can search the rich information contained in the program, which includes thousands of cultural information in various fields (Medicine History Literature Politics Geography of Astronomy Sciences ……)
For example, you can write (Napoleon) and search the encyclopedia to show you a lot of information about Napoleon Bonaparte presented in the form of a question and answer includes: the place of birth – the island to which the name – the name of his second wife – the first attempt to housing the Jews in Palestine – broken nose and chin The Statue of the Sphinx – In any year Egypt invaded – how long its campaign on Egypt – how much of the total land it occupied – the battles led to the end of Napoleon – what was his famous title …..

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